Thursday Night Football: Swing State Slugfest


winds of Change

have not only affected our political

front but our sports front as well. The NBA and NHL are in full effect. College Football is

winding down. The Men’s

and Women’s

College Basketball season is right round the corner and the MLB

always has the “Hot Stove” burning.


far, in the NFL,

change has definitely had an impact on the season.Winners have turned

to losers and losers can be forgotten. Teams who were once dominant will probably be watching the playoffs at

home instead of being on the field. The changes just don’t

stop there.


10 marks the beginning of the NFL’s flexible schedule.

Thankfully, for us, this Sunday’s match-ups don't need any flexible changing.

Secondly, the Thursday

Night Games on the NFL Network kick off this week.


the Thursday

Night Games, comes the Thursday Throwdown here on ALLHipHop. For the next six weeks,

we’ll look at the Thursday Night match-ups individually as well as the Game

of the Week Poll and other fun stuff. So without further ado, let’s get

into the games.




of us don’t have the Dish Network, so we won’t be able to see the Thursday

Night on the television. Nevertheless, thanks to modern technology, you can see

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Game of the Week for Week 11

Poll Answers


11/06/08, 8:15pm, NFL Network

Denver Broncos (4-4) at Cleveland

Browns (3-5)

Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland,


My Pick: Broncos


week, a change took place. A fresh face

came to the center of our attention. Oh, you thought I was talking about President

Elect Barack Obama. Nah, we already know the importance of his

change, I’m talking about Brady Quinn.


right, the Cleveland Browns made

a switch-a-roo this week and decided to bench QB Derek

Anderson and start Brady Quinn.

Now, I would agree if the move was needed because of poor play on Anderson’s behalf.

However, you can’t place all of the blame on Anderson.


Browns are ranked 28th in total offense. They’re ranked 29th

in receiving, that’s due to all of the dropped passes, and 28th in

rushing, that’s due to a crappy O-line. Their defense is ranked 24th

overall in the league and 28th against the rush. Oddly enough, the

Browns are ranked 13th against the pass.


I don’t think a QB switch is the answer. There are more holes in that team

besides the QB position that need fixing.


Broncos are having an identity crisis. One paper, they look like contenders, but

on the field, the Broncos have lost three of their last four games. The Broncos

have the fourth best passing offense the 18th best rushing offense

in the league. Although their offense is ranked third in the NFL, their defense

is ranked 29th overall. The Broncos are 27th against the

pass and 25th against the run.


their defense, the Broncos have taken some big hits for an injury standpoint on

defense, so it’s somewhat understandable why they have underachieved on the

defensive side of the ball.


the Broncos are going through some issues on the defensive side of the ball,

they’re still a better team than the Browns. There’s no stability at the QB position

for the Browns now, and the defense has been terrible as of late despite a big win

against the Jacksonville Jaguars from two weeks



all of the issues the Broncos are going through, I believe that the Broncos

will come into the Dawg Pound tonight and

remind Browns’ fans that even without John Elway,

they can still “Drive”

their way to victory.

Teams with Bye

weeks: Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay

Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Cincinnati



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