Thursday Throwdown: Eazy ?s, Nas Soliloquoys, Tech N9ne is Poisonous, & Watermelon for All!

Welcome folks, to a special Thursday edition of Sick Sundays. The aim is to bounce around the world of Hip-Hop and give a lil light to new jacks, give a bit of a history lesson, introduce a non-HipHop joint for the people, and hit you with a few recent joints. The main aim however is , especially for new ones: NO SINGLES...or at least no big ones lol. Enough with the jibba jabba and on with the show. First things first, copy the below link into your browsers and get the soundtrack going. This page is just talk if you don't listen to the tracks. If it's dope then bumps it, if you don't think it is, you have bad taste! Always remember hit me up with any comments or suggestions @ If your group is wack (and you know whether you're wack when you ask people if they like it and they go true but don't actually say anything else, or they disappear into the bathroom to vomit even though they told you they loved it.) please don't fill the box with your music. Just comments and feedback N9ne "Poisonous" -Killer

Sparse beat with spanish guitars and uneven drums power Tech's return to the darkside.

I wasn't really familiar with his work until recently then I went back to do some homework.

His album just dropped a couple weeks ago. Cop that double album. He's got flow, intelligence, and humor.

Lyrically credible. Kansas City stand up!

Tech N9ne "Crybaby"- Killer

Considering the recent Soulja Boy Vs. Ice-T clash, this song speaks volumes as Tech takes the haters to task over crapping all over the young guys. Get your money and keep it moving. The chorus "whaaa whaaa whaaa crybaby" pretty much sums it up.

Ice-T "6 In the Morning"

Lest you young cats forget, Ice-T despite the recent backlash, is still a pioneer.

While I think he was wrong, Ice-T got classics man. Since before many of you were alive.

Anyway enough with the tribute this was one of the first hardcore joints.

Cats in the streets you already know what the sound track to the batterram is (Shout to Toddy T and R.I.P. Robin Harris)

Tha Dogg Pound "Who Got That Gangsta S**t"- Murda Was the Case Soundtrack

Dope song from a dope soundtrack, but tell me if that first verse doesn't remind you of something you JUST heard...

Eazy-E "No More ?s"-Eazy Duz It

The legendary and oft-overlooked Eazy-E with a slept on track from his debut album. Showcased here was Eazy's personality and Mic presence. He wasn't the greatest emcee but he was certainly necessary for a significant part of our history. So much so that...

C-Murder "Tru ?"- Tru To Da Game

C-murder delivered one of the illest and original covers with his version. There are tons of tributes to Biggie and 'Pac, but Eazy-E not so much. From the double Tru album, C-Murder completely changes the energy of this joint and owns it. He also respectfully gives a shout to Eazy which was true class. Tru ?s >>> Snoop's Lodi Dodi. (P.S. this song was playing in I'm Bout It The Movie when they shot the paperboy...sigh). Moving on...

Common Sense "Watermelon"- Resurrection

If you don't have this album you played yourself.

If you can tear yourself away from "I Used To Love H.E.R." you should give this song some bump.

Classic example of wordplay, double entendre, and just emcee skills.

Before he quit eating pork and all that, Rashid was a pretty fun rapper. Verbal gynastics.

Redman, Icarus, German Luger "Lik Shots"- Funk Master Flex Big Truck Series

Nothing complex here. Just threee emcees going for broke over a Timbo-powered Missy throwaway beat from one of her albums. Redman is just nasty. Icarus the protege is going for broke and even the unheralded Luger held his own. This song is a quickee: to the point, satisfying, and done in a flash. Fuk fi bus!

The Agency "Uptown Main"- Tuxedo Road

What do you get when you mix Mya, Vanity, a dominatrix, and Catwoman? You get Natasha Azar (You'd have to see her live to believe it).

I am officially applying for number one groupie status.

Okay now that I've stanned it up, just a break from testosterone glock poppin'.

This is a lil' retro, a lil' alternative and a lil' change of pace. Enjoy.

Her group is called the Agency, check for them. They got flavor.

Nas "Queens Get The Money"- Untitled

By now you should already have this. If not consider yourself blessed. Spare piano keys supplied by Erykah's newest baby daddy (No hate no uterus eating). Nas delivers poignant chaos bouncing around in this freestyle verse with rich imagery "Hip-Hop was aborted so Nas breathed Life back into the embryo." Hip-Hop lives, and with albums like this, anyone right now talking about how they they Best or The G.O.A.T. should lock themselves in a room with this album on level 10. And we close how Untitled begins.

Sick Sunday 7/13/2008