Tidal Formally Announces Jay Electronica's Album "A Written Testimony"

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Fans have been wanting new music from Jay Electronica and now they will be blessed with something new.

(AllHipHop News) For years, rap disciples have been praying to whoever is on the Hip-Hop's Mt. Olympus and begged for music from Jay Electronica to fall fresh like manna from the sky.

But it has never come.

After about a decade of praying and wishing, the rap gods have finally answered with a favorable response. The reply came through the holy church of Instagram, and Roc Nation's Lenny S blessed us all with a word!

Lenny S took to The Gram on Tuesday posting a flick of Elect, Law Parker, Young Guru and JAY-Z in the lab, clearly cooking up some music.

Then Tidal dropped the bomb on the world on Wednesday.

In a post on Twitter, the streaming service announced that finally, the world will receive a project from Jay Electronica and some fans will have an opportunity to come to a series of private listening parties to hear the new album.

“It’s time. We're giving @JayElectronica fans an exclusive first listen of his album 'A Written Testimony' with 3 intimate events in NY, LA, & New Orleans.” Tidal posted.

A Written Testimony promises to enlighten and entertain. Jay has been hinting that it was coming for at a least a month when he took to Twitter and dropped several scripted messages.

No matter what… we are ready. Now let the church say “Amen!”

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only 200 album going to sell unless jay z buys most of them