Tiffany Foxx Breaks Down Difference Between Female Lyricists & Female Rappers

Do you agree with the St. Louis native's view on the current state of women in the culture?

(AllHipHop News) Tiffany Foxx is proud to declare 2018 as "the year of the woman" when it comes to Hip Hop. In an interview with DJ Smallz, the onetime Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member expressed support for her peers, but she also made a distinction between her and other artists.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a female rapper. I just happened to be a woman, but I'm a lyricist," stated Foxx. "A lot of girls see the whole emcee thing and think because they're cute, they're fly, know how to dress, or got a nice body then they can compete with the greats."

She added, "I support it. I see a lot of girls doing their thing. I just want to see if they're serious." Smallz then asked Foxx to explain the difference between a "rapper" and a "lyricist."

"Female rapper - somebody can write a song for her and then she blows up off of that, now she's a female rapper," replied Tiffany. "A lyricist is somebody who really has a story to tell, put the words together themselves, know how to captivate your attention by their hustle, by the things they been through, by their adversity, and you go on that journey with them... Just a female rapper? Here today, gone tomorrow."

The Q&A was posted a few days after fellow Love & Hip Hop alumna Cardi B was caught up in a "ghostwriting" controversy. It's not clear whether the Tiffany Foxx interview was recorded after the news broke about Cardi's credited co-writer Pardison Fontaine.

Foxx also admitted she has written for other female rappers. She was once closely associated with Lil Kim who has faced ghostwriting accusations throughout her career, but Tiffany did not directly mention the legendary Queen Bee.