Tiger Attacks Trainer On Rick Ross Video Set

An animal trainer was recently attacked by a white tiger on the set for Rick Ross’ new video "Here I Am" featuring Nelly.

The unnamed trainer was bitten on the leg by the white tiger, which will be portrayed as Rick Ross’ pet in the upcoming video.

According to Miami's WVSN Channel 7’s Deco Drive, the tiger became aggravated after being entangled in chains and attacked the trainer as he attempted to coax the animal out of its cage.

"The trainer went and tried to help him, but he grabbed him by the tail and the tiger didn’t like it so, he turned around and bit the trainers leg," said cast member Cesar Chacon. There was some action right there. We’ve never seen stuff like that before."

The attack happened before St. Louis rapper Nelly arrived on the set .

The trainer managed to get the tiger back into its cage, before he was treated on the set by paramedics.