Tiger Woods Needs A Slap

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AllHipHop.com or its employees. I want to slap Tiger Woods up. Of all the athletes on EARTH, he is the last one that I would expect to be embroiled in a controversy with three alleged mistresses. Alas, here we are. There is nothing too brainy to be said, but one thing is for sure - some things never change. Tiger is a man and all men fall shy of the glory, but this one is a stunning turn of events. For those that haven't been under a rock, at least three women have come forward and charged that they have had inter-marital relations with the golfing great. One woman, Jaimee Grubbs, even saved about 300 text messages and has a voicemail message of him trying to hide the most recent tryst. This is why I want to slap him. The Cablinasian brother turned out to be just like the other dummies. When are men of power going to realize that they are almost ALWAYS going to get exposed when they creep outside of their marriage? There are some women, especially rapper wives, that have resigned to accept the cheating and that is an agreement they can live with. For the most part, cheating is a messy game and once you get starting, there really isn't any stopping until the inevitable occurs. Yo' monkey a$$ is going to get caught! Why do men (and sometimes those snaky women) think that they are going to get away with cheating with somebody? He clearly cares about his reputation, right? Why would a man of Tiger's stature risk all of his wealth and endorsement money, a reported $100 mill in 2010 alone? It can’t be about the money. Tiger Woods and cats like Shaq, Kobe, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson and others are "better" men than me! They must be drunk with power and ego! They never thought they would get caught even after leaving a trail of evidence – digital, physical and genetic. Hell, Kobe allegedly raped a girl raw dog anal for Christ’s sake! Shaq was cavorting with another hooper’s wife, while reconciling with his own! Edwards tried to run for president while cheating on his cancer-stricken wife! The list goes on and on. Of all these men, all which have friendly public personas, nobody’s was a clean and safe as Tiger Woods. Perhaps it was his racial make up, the sport he mastered and his docile appearance. He certainly received a rude awakening if he though his wife was passive. She exploded on him with a golf club when his marital affairs bubbled over. All his money meant nothing for a few moments. It may mean more now though. According to reports, Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren, had been offered a cool $5 million immediate payment just to TRY to work it out. Not only that, to stay with her man, Tiger has offered to adjust a prenup drafted in 2004 to keep is wife. Now, she stands to a purported $80 million for staying with Tiger for seven years. The prenup calls for $20 million after 10 years of marital bliss.

"Transgressions" can be costly for some and profitable for others. Instead of that, why not just try to make it work, stop sexting (texting) and tighten your life up! Seven years isn’t a lot of time! $80 million can buy most people for life. And what is lil’ Charlie Axel Woods going to think of mom and dad when he realizes that the union was purchased? SMH.I’m not even married and I’m not about to start cheating. It’s really never worth the grief that will come knocking at your door or upside your head. Besides, I keep a bat in my house. Tiger’s lucky he’s not a big game hunter.

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