Timbaland Reveals Why He Is Desperately Trying To Get In Touch With Will Smith

The super producer has some plans for Hollywood's top actor.

(AllHipHop News) Superproducer Timbaland has called on Will Smith to get in touch so they can cook up a hit theme tune for the new "Bad Boys" movie sequel.

"The Way I Are" hitmaker has worked with superstars like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Madonna, and Rihanna, but there is one big name he still dreams about collaborating with, and he believes the upcoming "Bad Boys for Life" release will serve as the perfect opportunity for Will to join him in the recording studio.

“You know who I haven’t worked with, to be honest with you, who I really want to, is Will Smith…,” Timbaland shared on U.S. morning show Live with Kelly and Ryan. “I feel like that would complete my legacy… “I’ve been watching him… and I’m like, ‘Why haven’t I worked with you? Why haven’t I worked with Will Smith?’ I think it’s about time to do something unique…”

Explaining the allure of contributing to the soundtrack of the third "Bad Boys" film, he continued, “I believe 'Bad Boys (for Life)' should be the something that we do something to. There’s something energetic, and he’s shooting it in Miami… Welcome to Miami was one of his biggest records.”

Smith has yet to respond to Florida-based Timbaland’s proposal, but "Bad Boys for Life," the follow-up to 1995’s "Bad Boys" and 2003’s "Bad Boys II," will hit theaters in January 2020.

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