Timbaland Says Madonna Wanted To Give Him An Injection To Stop Him From Eating

The super-producer said he also wants to start working out with Madonna.

(AllHipHop News) Hit producer Timbaland is eying a new collaboration with Madonna - recruiting her as his gym buddy.

Madonna is known for her toned physique and Timbaland, who worked with the pop icon more than a decade ago, is convinced her no-nonsense attitude to working out is just what he needs to help keep him in shape.

"Madonna, I think, would get me right, just from the discipline part," Timbo said. "I'm always about order and staying on point."

Timbaland only recently became interested in adopting a regular exercise regimen, years after he and Madonna teamed up for her Hard Candy album in 2008, and he admits he missed the opportunity at the time to get fit with the singer, who turns 61 in August.

"Madonna, I remember when I worked with her, she wanted to give me a B12 (vitamin) shot," Timbaland revealed.

"She said, 'Let me poke you right here, it's gonna get you amped,' and that's when I wasn't into fitness, that's when I wanted to eat Five Guys (fast food) every day."

The superproducer has since changed his ways, and is now "very focused" on his physical health, turning to boxing after becoming inspired by Michael B. Jordan's 2018 movie Creed II.

"I started off boxing because... I saw 'Creed II'... and I love an athlete's will to go (hard), and that always fascinated me," he shared. "So when I saw the boxing... I said, 'I need to do something like that...'"

Timbaland joined a "grimy, hardcore boxing gym" and threw himself into the ring, training for "about eight months," and now he has turned to professional sportsmen to help motivate him by signing up for membership at the DBC Fitness gym in Miami, Florida.