Timbaland Tells Squatter To Pay $30K A Month Or Leave His Mansion

Timbaland is going through some crazy drama with a guy refusing to leave his Miami mansion.

(AllHipHop News) Timbaland is having some more problems with the Miami mansion he has been attempting to sell for almost five years.

Timbo has been attempting to sell the 7-bedroom mansion for $3,390,000 since he divorced his wife in October 2013, after five years of marriage.

Timbaland almost had a buyer by the name of William Zamora, who was living in the mansion as escrow on the deal was closing.

According to TheBlast.com, Zamora failed to close the deal, which allowed Timbaland to exercise a clause in the contract to charge the man $30,000 a month if he stayed in the home.

Timbaland, born Tim Mosley, claims that Zamora is refusing to leave the mansion and refusing to pay him, effectively ruining any chances he may to sell the valuable property.

Timbaland is asking a judge to order William Zamora to get out of the mansion immediately.

Tim doesn't seem to be too stressed over the issue.

He recently copped two "Sky Home" condos for $3 million at Aria on the Bay, which is one of the most exclusive luxury buildings in all of Miami.

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@AllHipHopStaff: I suggested the legal route as the first option, but just because he has additional assets does not mean he should let this dude just house his shit. Take the legal route or the street route, but get your property back. Two options to resolve it, or just let dude keep your property?


I would need them Miami boys to get him out....they hungry...What is he going to do call the cops lol.....


Tim you got two options: A) get your lawyers to get the authorities to get him out asap. B) go whoop his ass and throw him out asap... Word is bond... I ain't letting no motherfucker stay in my shit... SMH...