Tito Lopez Signs to Capitol Records, Releases "Mama Proud" Video

(AllHipHop News) Up and coming Mississippi rapper Tito Lopez has signed a deal with Capitol Records.

Lopez made the announcement via AllHipHop's SXSW Breeding Ground Showcase at the #SXSWVibeHouse, explaining to fans that he had just signed a deal after years of hard work.

"I've been making mixtapes for a long time, and ain't none of them pop like that, so for everybody, AllHipHop, my man Steve Raze, my man Guru on the boards, everybody whose been showing me love, I just signed my first deal to Capitol Records. GPT is the squad, Clockwork Management!" Lopez exclaimed to SXSW attendees.

In an interview with Cricket's Muve Music - also at SXSW - Lopez explained how he got the deal with Capitol and what it took to take his music to the next level.

"What got me a deal was living and breathing music, I don't do it as a job. I would be in my bedroom and just cut on a beat and just vent, and normally they call those freestyles," Lopez explained. "If my aunt passed away, I rap about that; if I lost my job, I rap about that. Those were just called the 'Venting Sessions.'"

Lopez recently released the visuals for his song, "Mama Proud," an ode to his mother, featuring visuals of his hometown friends and family.