Tom Green, Bushwick Bill & Spice 1 Talk Collaboration

Comedian Tom Green

continues to pursue his rap career with the recent release of his new album, Prepare

for Impact.

On Green's website, he details a recent run-in with Geto Boys rapper Bushwick

Bill while shooting a video at a Fat Burger restaurant in Las Vegas.

The site includes a clip of Green and Bill sitting together

in Green's ride previewing some songs from his recently released album.

While listening, an astonished Bushwick Bill is seen talking

on the phone with Cali rapper Spice 1 and the two applaud Green for his work

and express interest in working with the comedian/rapper.

"This s**t

is slammin' dog, I can't wait to get on a track," Bill said. "Spice

1, Bushwick Bill and Tom Green; tell me that wouldn't be some outrageous shit."

It's not officially

known whether the two record a track, but as Green states on his site, he's

definitely up for it.

"Thanks for

the kind words Bushwick," Green wrote in his blog. "You and Spice

1 gotta lay down some s**t with me an EZ Mike."

Green's album features

production from DJ EZ-Mike (who produced for the Beasties Boys) and Mike Simpson

of the Dust Brothers.

The comedian has

previously stated his love for Hip-Hop and was also a founding member of the

Canadian group Organized Rhyme.

Prepare for Impact

is in stores now.