Tom Green Launching Tour Across Canada

Tom Green is on the

verge of releasing his debut rap album Prepare For Impact and in support

of his upcoming release, he is planning a tour across Canada.

The comedian/rapper is excited about his album and his opportunity

to tour Canada to promote it.

"What we want to do when we tour across country is we want

to bring some of that silly, fun, madness, circus-like atmosphere to play some

shows around Canada. It's giving me an excuse to go get on stage and go tour

Canada," he said.

Green's tour of

Canada will start in January but details of the tour have not yet been released.

The comedian has previously stated his love for Hip-Hop and

was also a founding member of the Canadian group Organized Rhyme.

The group received a Juno nomination for the song "Check

the O.R." off their album Stiffenin Against The Wall which was

released in 1992.

Green's album will feature production from DJ EZ-Mike (who produced

for the Beasties Boys) and Mike Simpson of the Dust Brothers.

The comedian’s

album Prepare for Impact hits stores December 6th.