Tommy Boy Hooks Up With ClickRadio


today announced that it has been

granted an interactive radio license by Tommy Boy, the groundbreaking

independent label. The agreement brings Tommy Boy's catalog of

over 200 albums spanning Rap, Dance, Rock and Gospel to ClickRadio's

free, personalizable, Internet-enabled digital radio service,

which delivers a completely different way to hear music offline

and a better listening experience than streaming audio or FM radio.

From beginnings in

CEO Tom Silverman's apartment, Tommy Boy has established itself

as a multi-genre label with multi-platinum artists. Early hits

by Afrika Bambaata, Queen Latifah, Soul Sonic Force and Stetsasonic

laid the foundation for completely new genres of music such as

Rap and cutting-edge electronic Hip-Hop, establishing Tommy Boy

as home to a wide range of musical offerings.

Today, Tommy Boy's

repertoire includes De La Soul, whose Art Official Intelligence:

Mosaic Thump debuted at number one on Billboard's Top Independent

Album chart, as well as Digital Underground, Naughty By Nature

and other Hip-Hop groups; Rap artists like Capone-N-Noreaga, Tony

Touch and Queen Latifah; Jocelyn Enriquez, Amber, Victor Calderone

and other dance artists; even Gospel acts such as Kim Burrell

and Tonex. Tommy Boy artist Everlast's new album Eat at Whitey's,

the follow-up to Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, Everlast's triple

platinum 1998 solo album, will be released today. Meanwhile, Handsome

Boy Modeling School and Pimpadelic are making major inroads in


Tom Silverman, Founder

and CEO of Tommy Boy said, ``Since our inception, Tommy Boy has

been synonymous with ground-breaking trends in music. With its

unique, interactive listening experience, ClickRadio breaks new

ground in the relationship between music fans and the music they

want to hear. We're excited about bringing Tommy Boy artists to

ClickRadio's great new service.''