Tony Yayo, 50 Cent, Violator Sued By Assaulted Teen

The mother of a teenaged boy assaulted by associates of Tony Yayo filed a civil lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court today (April 9).The lawsuit, filed by attorney Richard Reich, accuses G-Unit member Tony Yayo, Lowell Fletcher and others of assaulting the teen, who is the son of Jimmy Henchmen, the CEO of Czar Entertainment.

Czar manages a number of artists, including former G-Unit member The Game.The two parties have a well documented history of violent disputes.According to the lawsuit, the teen was backhanded on March 20, 2007, as he walked to Czar's offices, "simply because he was wearing a shirt displaying the name of a business rival.

Tony Yayo, born Marvin Bernard, admitted in Criminal Court that he harassed the teen and "glared at him in a manner meant to threaten him." Fletcher admitted in Criminal Court that he smacked the teen, while acting in concert with another.

"My son James was 14 years old when he was attacked by Tony Yayo, Lowell Fletcher and other adult men," the teen's mother Cynthia Reed told in a statement. "Because of the injuries suffered by James, and the lack of remorse and arrogance displayed by Yayo, G-Unit and all named in the lawsuit, I feel obligated as a mother to bring this suit and obtain justice for my child. Even though Yayo plead guilty in Criminal Court to harassing my son and Fletcher plead guilty to endangering my son, neither Yayo nor G-Unit members have ever apologized to my son or me."

While the men have yet to apologize, Yayo was sentenced to 150 hours of probation in February for his role in the assault, while Fletcher was sentenced to nine months in prison."We are seeking compensatory damages for the injuries suffered by James,as well as punitive damages for the attack upon a child by adult men," Richard Reich added.

Also named in the lawsuit is 50 Cent, G-Unit Records, Interscope Records, Shady Records, Universal Music Group, Violator Records, Violator Management and Chris Lighty.