Tony Yayo Makes Court Appearance, Co-Defendent Confesses

Rapper Tony Yayo made an appearance Thursday (Jan. 10) in Manhattan Criminal Court to face allegations stemming from an attack on the son of a G-Unit rival.Yayo was arrested last year for allegedly assaulting Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond’s 14-year-old son.During the court proceedings, a revelation was made by the New York District Attorney, who stated that the rapper’s co-defendant, Lawell Fletcher, previously admitted to being the person who assaulted Rosemond’s son during two previous interviews with detectives.The confessions were given last year after the incident, during interviews with members of the Hip-Hop Police, but the statements were taken without Fletcher’s attorney present.The detectives interviewed Fletcher twice without the presence of his Long Island attorney Bob Macedonia, but failed to give the confession to defense attorneys for over a year.During the talks, which were conducted at the 13th Precinct the night of Fletcher’s arrest and on Aug. 8 at Rikers Island, Fletcher told detectives that Yayo restrained him and pulled him off Rosemond’s son.Fletcher, an associate of Yayo’s, was also identified by the boy in a police line-up."It's troubling to learn today, that they withheld this information for a year," Yayo's attorney Scott Leemon told "The NYPD has had information for a year that proves that Yayo didn't do what he is charged with and only today did we learn that this confession existed."The District Attorney has until Jan. 18 to inform the defense as to whether or not they intend to use Fletcher’s statements and how those comments will be used.Leemon stated that he has until Feb. 1 to file all motions to the court, including a motion to have Yayo tried separately.Both parties will meet with the judge assigned judge on Feb. 14.The case is scheduled to go to trial on March 31.