​Too $hort Fires Back At Rape Accuser

AllHipHop Staff

Too $hort isn't trying to hear anything about rape claims.

​**(AllHipHop News)** Rapper Too $hort has threatened to sue the woman who has accused him of sexual battery.

Teana Louis filed papers in Los Angeles on Friday, claiming the hip-hop star sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions in 2016.

She alleges he forced her to have oral and anal sex against her wishes.

Teana claims she was working on a song with Too $hort, real name Todd Anthony Shaw, in April 2016, when he first had sex with her, holding her down and performing oral sex on her.

She is suing the "Blow The Whistle" rapper for sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination, and false imprisonment.

Too $hort has now responded, claiming Louis is making a shameless money grab, and he has threatened to take legal action against her.

"I'm being extorted... They want money. For a while there I thought it was something other... My only choice is to countersue for slander and get a restraining order... and get this out of my life."

Confirming Louis was an artist he was hoping to sign, Too $hort adds, "She was not raped. The most we ever did was foreplay and I don't know how you take some foreplay incident and turn it into a crime."


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