Too $hort's Rape Accuser Files New Lawsuit Over Extortion Claims

Too $hort has a new lawsuit to fight over rape allegations made by a former artist.

(AllHipHop News) Too $hort may want to take a cue from the corporate world and refuse to make statements regarding ongoing lawsuits.

The rap legend has been hit with another lawsuit by Teana Louis, a former artist he worked with, who is also suing him over allegations he sexually assaulted her.

Teana Louis filed her original claim against Too $hort in a civil suit filed in January, insisting he assaulted her multiple times in hotel rooms throughout Los Angeles.

Too $hort immediately denied Louis' claims, implying she was simply making a grab for his money in a plot to extort him.

"I'm being extorted," Too $hort said. "It's not a criminal case, it's something that stems from over a year ago."

Now, Teana Louis is seeking to sue the rapper over his statements to the media regarding the ongoing case.

Teana Louis claims the rap star is using his fame to bully her, and attempting to silence the woman.

So now, in addition to the sexual assault lawsuit, the rapper lawyers will also have to fight a defamation of character lawsuit.

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Bruh I grew up wit too short right hand man.i can go on vlad tv and give chilling details about too short


Too Short needs too slow down...stop chasing these young girls and get a gf or wife....same with Russel Simmons