Too Short May Lose Studio Over $1 Million Judgment

An Oakland recording studio owned by rapper Too Short may be forced to close, due to a judgment against the rapper for over $1 million dollars, stemming from a 1991 car accident.

The rapper owes over $700,000 dollars to the family, after his GMC truck was involved in a 1991 head on collision with a Mercury Cougar.

If he doesn’t come up with the money, The Alameda County Sheriff’s office will seize the equipment in the rapper’s Oakland-based UpAllNite studio, which opened in May.

According to the Oakland Tribune, police claim Too Short was fleeing the scene of a previous accident where he clipped a park car, when a Mercury crossed over the center line and the two vehicles crashed, head on.

Although he was not responsible for the accident, Too Short was uninsured and legally drunk at the time of the deadly crash.

He was later sued by one of the families for $17 million dollars, but agreed to an out of court settlement of $1 million dollars.

Court documents show that Too Short, born Todd Shaw, has paid over $282,000 dollars over the last decade, but has failed to pay the remainder.

Sources told that Shaw has already relocated the equipment to an undisclosed location in the event that the studio is raided.

The rapper has also been ordered to appear in Oakland Superior Court on August 13.