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In 2008, we witnessed arguably one of the greatest years in sports history. If there was one phrase that comes to mind that best described 2008’s Year in Sports, I would have to describe it as “The Year of OH, SNAP!” Well that is the G-rated version of the saying, but you get the idea. I cannot remember a year like this in sports in my lifetime.

Of course, the older generation can argue that they have witnessed better seasons in the past, i.e. the Season of ’69 (Joe Willie’s Jets in Super Bowl III and the Amazing Mets), but the Sports version of “Old School vs. New School” will be around until the end of time. However, when it comes to 2008, there were more plot twists than an episode of Murder She Wrote.

So, what will we remember about 2008 from the world of sports? Dara Torres, The Detroit Red Wings, Michael Vick, Marion Jones, Adam “Pacman” Jones; the list goes on and on. It depends on whatever floats your boat. The best thing about the 2008 Sport’s year is that we watched, we witnessed the majesty of it all. As the late, great Jim McKay would say in the opening of ABC’s Wide World of Sports, “the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat... the human drama of athletic competition”.

Therefore, I ask you to watch and witness as I share with you the Top 10 things I will remember the most from the year in sports from 2008:

10) Super Mario: The Kansas Jayhawks, 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions

9) The Saga Continued: The Brett Favre Saga

8) The Greatest Tennis Match in our Lifetime: Nadal / Federer, Wimbledon 2008

7) Irish Pride: 2008 Boston Celtics, NBA Champs

6) Quicksilver 2008: Usain Bolt

5) Hit ‘Em High, Hit ‘Em Low & Is Philly in this motherf*@#er? : The 2008 MLB Season

4) I Will Not Lose: Tiger Woods, 2008 U.S. Open

3) Golden Redemption: 2008 Men’s Olympic Basketball/The Dream Team

2) Aquaman 2008: Michael Phelps

1) Land of the Giants: Super Bowl XLII, Upset for the ages

Well that’s it. That’s my list. I’m sure I left a few things off and of course this topic is always subject to debate, so let the debating begin. Let me ask you this, what are your favorite moments for 2008 in the world of sports?

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