Top Rappers Join Outlawz On New Album 'Perfect Timing'

(AllHipHop News) The Outlawz have announced details on their upcoming new album Perfect Timing, which will reunite the group with estranged group member Hussein Fatal. The group lineup for the Perfect Timing album is E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble and Hussein Fatal, who went solo after the deaths of group members Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi. Additionally, a variety of superstar rappers have already contributed verses to Perfect Timing, including Scarface, Bun B., Lloyd, Krayzie Bone, Tech 9, The Jacka and Canadian rapper Belly. “This album represents our past, present, and future as a group," E.D.I. Mean said in a statement. "It is a symbolism of our unification, our new deal, being an example of the games’ authenticity. We strive to continue to be the messengers of “Ghetto Gospel” while being the inspiration to keep moving forward. Our relevance thrives from staying hungry while delivering what the streets and our fans have loved since day one.”The group is still planning to release their mixtape Killuminat 2k10, according to E.D.I. Mean. “We wanted to celebrate our reunion with Fatal, so this is a symbol of our unification as the original group,” E.D.I. Mean revealed of the mixtape, which is due to hit the streets this week. In addition to the new music projects, Outlawz has a new line of eyewear called Outlaw Eyewear that will be released in late 2010.“We want to inspire our fans to be the best that they can be in the role (s) chosen," Young Noble added. "Be leaders, not followers. The Outlawz represents hope and to never to give up even when the odds are against us. We were blessed to be surrounded by a legend in Hip Hop, and now; it is about solidifying to ourselves and the world why Tupac Shakur believed in each one of us since the beginning. Our new project combines these same beliefs in the lyrics and meaning behind each track created, and we hope that our fans feel the same way with our upcoming mixtape and reunion album.”The Outlawz' Perfect Timing is due in stores in March of 2011.