Toronto Mayor Meets With Hip-Hop Community To Discuss Gun Violence Solutions

The mayor met with some prestigious members of The Hip Hop community and Toronto to discuss gun violence.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) This past week has been a rough one for the city of Toronto.

Beginning on June 29, a total of 11 men have been shot, leaving three dead and eight injured.

Two men well-known in the city’s local rap scene — Jahvante Smart (21), also known as Smoke Dawg, and Ernest Modekwe (28) — were murdered in a shooting that erupted in the downtown area.

Another shooting in Toronto's Kensington Market neighborhood injured four individuals, with one pronounced dead in the hospital.

This led to a police investigation after a police officer penned a scathing letter to Mayor John Tory, accusing him of being a direct contributor to the city's gun violence.

Tory has since taken action, meeting with three prominent members of Toronto's hip-hop community: rap OG Kardinal Offishall, filmaker X and producer Taj Critchlow, to discuss possible solutions for the recent surge of gun violence in the city.

X posted a message to his Instagram page stating, "Growing up my friends and I would travel downtown from Brampton to goto all ages parties. They were amazing and fun nights but we saw a lot of violence. Every weekend someone was getting injured or killed. It didn’t feel like anyone cared. No news stories about the violence. No community activists protested for us. We felt completely ignored and alone. That was then. I want the youth to know that there are people who truly care about their well being and their future.”

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Mook Nose
Mook Nose

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