Tory Lanez Breaks Streaming Record On TikTok

Fatima Barrie

Tory Lanez continues to break records in the live-stream space.

(AllHipHop News) Tory Lanez might as well be crowned the king of going live.

The Toronto rapper and singer has taken over Instagram live with his ‘Quarantine Radio’ show which has garnered thousands of viewers and guest appearances from stars like Drake, Tinashe, Chris Brown, DMX, and Megan the Stallion.

Tory Lanez and Drake recently broke the record for the most Instagram live viewers, with a whopping 310,000 viewers on March 31.

While Quarantine Radio has been the place to be, it’s also had some explicit guests, which caused the live show to be temporarily shut down.

Tory Lanez revealed on Twitter that he broke another exciting live record. He wrote, “I JUST BROKE THE RECORD FOR MOST TIK TOK LIVE VIEWERS ! WITH MY DJ SET !!!!! WOW.”

The live stream took place to celebrate the release of his new mixtape "The New Toronto 3."

TikTok quoted Lanez’ tweet about his accomplishment with clapping emojis.

Congrats to Tory Lanez on his TikTok live record and the drop of his new mixtape "The New Toronto 3."

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Find a niche and Capitalize. The gram shut him down as a result of them big boys not able to cash in. Smh....Then boys mad because they didn't think of the shit first. Tik Tok is going to get more attention as a result. Smh..The gram ain't shit without Hip Hop and R&B. Whether they admit it or not. Anything Hip Hop or R&B touch blows up especially Hip Hop. Face it it's the take over. It's all around in commercials, entertainment l, sports, cartoons, lol cant escape it!