Tory Lanez Responds To 'The Joe Budden Podcast' Questioning His Career

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"I'm gonna show why I out work that n-gga and why I'm better than that n-gga."

(AllHipHop News) Emcee-turned-podcaster Joe Budden has been vocal about being a supporter of Tory Lanez's music. The two artists even teamed up for the single “Flex" in 2016.

Recently, Lanez dropped by The Breakfast Club to promote his new album Memories Don't Die. While sitting with the Power 105.1 radio crew, Tory was asked about comments supposedly made on The Joe Budden Podcast.

"They were asking if it's quiet for Tory Lanez," stated Charlamagne Tha God, referring to Budden and co-hosts Mal and Rory.

"Quiet with me for what?" responded the Canadian performer. "Which rapper that's out right now that y'all feel like I need to go head-to-head with on a cypher? What singer is out right now that I need to write better records than? Like, who is it? Point me in the direction and let's just do it. And I'm gonna show why I out work that n-gga and why I'm better than that n-gga."

Lanez added, "Is it quiet for what? Are y'all crazy? What artist you know can do I what I f-cking do? I'm tired of n-ggas undermining that. I f-cking sing to girls and make their p-ssy wet, and then I go stand on a whole f-cking crowd."

On a 2017 episode of his show, Joe Budden also talked about Tory Lanez possibly dating his ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia. The New Jersey native said, "I would tell Tory Lanez to tell Kaylin to mind her f-cking business and stop commenting under these stupid memes."

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