'Toughest Sheriff In America' Says DMX Animal Case Ongoing

The self-proclaimed “toughest Sheriff in America” recently revealed that an investigation into rapper DMX continues, relating to animal cruelty charges in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to local KTAR TV Channel 12, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has revealed that the investigation into DMX for animal abuse is in “full progress.”

"When I say I'm going to do something, I do it, OK? Some of you may think I do it just to get publicity and then hide,” Sheriff Arpaio recently barked when queried about the matter during a press conference.

“No. The DMX investigation is in full progress. Very soon, I will announce a resolution to that case,” Sheriff Arpaio said.

DMX was accused of animal cruelty last August, after officials found 12 undernourished dogs at the rapper’s Cave Creek home, just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.

Police also uncovered three buried dogs in the backyard as well.

The rapper, born Earl Simmons, has never been charged with a crime relating to the case.

Ironically, Sheriff Arpaio and officers under his command were accused abuses similiar to DMX's during the raid of a house in 2004.

According to a 2004 article in the Phoenix New Times, members of a SWAT team led by Sheriff Arpaio raided a house, which became engulfed in flames.

The SWAT team members were accused of driving a dog back into the house and then laughed as the owners watched the dog die an agonizing death.

"I was crying hysterically," said Andrea Barker shortly after the botched raid. "I was so upset. They [deputies] were laughing at me."

The dog’s body was then reportedly left to rot in the ashes for the next five days, in 105-degree temperature.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has since opened a no-kill animal shelter under the MASH Unit program, which was created care for animals that have been rescued by the Animal Cruelty Investigative Unit.