Towkio Talks Dropping From Space & Signing With Rick Rubin's Label

Zane Lowe chats with the rising rapper.

(AllHipHop News) Towkio gained a lot of attention for his WWW. project by playing the LP as he descended from space. The Chicago native went nearly 100,000 feet up before dropping back to Earth in a capsule. Zane Lowe of Beats 1 caught up with Towkio to talk about the impressive feat.

"That sh-t was the scariest sh-t of my life. Four and a half hours felt like the longest thing in my life. I experienced so many emotions," recalled the SaveMoney member. "I was playing my music the whole way up. It was crazy because I was trying to make my music from this plane and it was the only thing kind of calming me down."

He continued, "It was moments where it was good it was very smooth and then there were moments where there's turbulence. The wind was blowing the capsule and then I definitely thought I was going to die. I remember calling my mom as soon as I came back down because I couldn't even tell her."

Towkio got a huge industry co-sign when he connected with legendary music producer/executive Rick Rubin. The American Recordings founder called into Lowe's show to discuss working with the "2 Da Moon" performer.

"Me and Rick connected low key and the higher. The fact that he gave me this opportunity is just so wild to me," said Towkio. "Bro hasn't signed a rapper in over 20 years. But he gave me that opportunity and then I went to space. It was more so he gave me the opportunity to learn about myself."

Rubin added, "Just when I heard the music I felt it. First, I met people around him and then I met him, and it just felt like it was a cool vibe. It felt like music I want to listen to. It's usually what I go by."