Trae Releases Statement On Mike Jones Fight

Houston rapper Trae The Truth has expressed regret for striking fellow neighborhood rapper Mike Jones earlier in the week, but the apology wasn’t directed to his adversary. “I have to take the time out to apologize to the kids, and to anyone who follows and supports my career for what happened at the Ozone Awards this past Monday night,” Trae said in a statement.The two rappers exchanged words prior to the beginning of the show, which took place in downtown Houston. During the melee, Mike Jones, a popular rapper, suffered a bloodied nose. Trae said he wasn’t looking for trouble, but it found him anyway. “I told myself that I was gonna do my best for the new era of the streets not to go through the experiences that I go through in life,” he said of the evening. “For a split second, I almost entertained the little-girl tactics of a person [Mike Jones] who is really irrelevant nowadays.”Trae said it was now time for him to move forward, although he has said sorry for his actions.“Things like this happen in life every day and I do not have the time to entertain this any more. I would like the world to tell Mr. Jones [Mike Jones] that he can thank me later for his split second of fame. Right now, I'ma keep it moving.”