Trapped in Court: Gucci Mane Pleads Not Guilty to Aggravated Assault with Champagne Bottle

(AllHipHop News)  In what is proving to be an ongoing saga of violent incidents, court appearances, arrests and jail stints, Gucci Mane, born Radric Davis, pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault in an Atlanta Fulton County courthouse today (May 13).

The Brick Squad 1017 CEO was arrested on April 9th in connection with the assault of a U.S. marine although the rapper posted $75,000 bond and was released shortly thereafter.

Gucci's freedom was short-lived though as just days later he would be re-arrested on April 13 for a probation violation.

While the probation violation cost Gucci nearly three weeks in jail and the likely loss of business while incarcerated, Gucci has been keeping a low profile since posting bond.

“He’s out on bond, just going about his life,” Gucci's lawyer Drew Findling told a judge on Monday.

Prosecutors alleged that Gucci struck the soldier in the head with a champagne bottle causing deep cuts on the top of the man's head, requiring stitches.

Despite the soldier's claims, Gucci's lawyer says no evidence exists against his client other than the alleged victim’s report.

The arrests made in the following incidents mark over a dozen arrests in Gucci's storied career, which is marked by beating a 2005 murder charge that was eventually dropped.

Gucci's newest mixtape, Trap House 3, hits the net next week.

Check the images below of Gucci's recent run in with the law: