Travis Scott Blames Security Company For Paralyzing A Fan

Travis is not accepting responsibility for a fan's serious injury at one of his concerts.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Travis Scott is countersuing bosses at a security company, insisting they are to blame for a concert accident that left a fan paralyzed.

]Kyle Green sued the rap star in 2017, claiming he incited chaos at a Bowery show in New York City, during which he was pushed over a balcony railing.](

Green alleges he was improperly removed from the venue, and now needs a wheelchair to get around.

But Travis insists he's not responsible for his fan's severe injuries - he believes Green himself and Strike Force Protective Services staff are.

Claiming their recklessness and carelessness contributed to the drama, Scott has filed new documents.

He also states that Green should have been aware of the dangers associated with attending a rap concert.

Travis is asking for the judge to dismiss the case, adding that if any damages are awarded, they should be paid by the security company and the venue.