Travis Scott Falls Through Hole On Stage During Drake Concert (VIDEO)

Falling on stage is a rite of passage for any entertainer. Falling through a stage is another matter.

(AllHipHop News) That’s what happened to Travis Scott at the 02 Arena show for Drake’s “Boy Meets World Tour” in London.

However, Scott ended up falling through a hole in the stage before climbing back out the cavity.

Drake was using the open space for a large globe to emerge.

Apparently, Scott’s fall damaged the stage prop, and as a result, Drake offered refunds to the fans in attendance.

The Toronto native told the crowd, “London, England, I love you. I hope you enjoyed your free show.”

Scott did not seemed to bothered by the incident.

The “Goosebumps” rhymer posted on Twitter, “The sh-t was fun london is wild… By far one of the most turnt and epic sh-t ever f-ck.