Travis Scott Is A Man Of His Word When It Comes To Helping Out Students

The rap star kept a promise to a high-school and went above and beyond for the students.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Travis Scott came through for students in his native Houston, Texas.

Trav made good on an earlier offer to make special T-shirt's for their high school graduation.

Travis was originally contacted by student Sandra Vasquez in September, when she asked for his permission to use artwork from his Astroworld album for a sweatshirt design for Eisenhower High School's Class of 2019.

Travis took notice and decided to go one better, suggesting he make a custom T-shirt for the teens instead.

On Monday, Vasquez and her fellow classmates showed off the final product they had received from the hip-hop star himself.

The tan-colored T-shirts have a globe with a smiley face, along with the words, "Wish You Were Here", printed on the front, while "2019" and "Enjoy The Ride" are plastered across the back.