Travis Scott Lawyers Up, Prepares To Battle Tommy Lee In Court Over Stage Design

Things are escalating fast between the rapper and the former rock star.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Travis Scott isn't concerned about the threat of legal action from rocker Tommy Lee over their shared onstage rollercoaster design.

The 56-year-old drummer lashed out at Travis on social media early on Thursday after discovering Travis performs on a special circular ride as part of his new "Astroworld Tour."

Claiming the set-up is identical to the Cruecifly drum kit loop he used at Motley Crue shows between 2011 and 2015, Tommy raged on Instagram: "Just found out this f##king idiot @travisscott or someone on his team ripped off the 360 and the Cruecifly! WTF (what the f##k)!! Get an original idea bro..."

Lee also shared video footage of himself in action on the rollercoaster, and added on Twitter, "I get copying is a form of flattery, but this is just straight ripping off my s##t... Hey @trvisXX lawyer up!"

It appears Travis has done just that, and his attorney, Laurie L. Soriano, is adamant Tommy has no case because the rapper recruited the official designer to create his Astroworld set-up.

"Tommy didn't invent the concept of a roller coaster on stage and there's no legal basis for his accusatory outburst," Laurie L. Soriano snapped.

"The actual creator and owner of the system has granted Travis all rights to use that equipment to complement his original stage design."

Lee has yet to respond to the remarks.