Tray Deee Misses Arraignment

Tray Deee's arraignment on felony assault charges was delayed after the rapper failed to appear in a Long Beach, California court.Tray Deee is facing a charge of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon and shooting at an occupied vehicle.According to officials, Trey Deee could not attend the arraignment, which was scheduled yesterday (December 10) for unspecified medical reasons.Tray Deee was arrested in early November for allegedly firing into a crowd.The motive for the attack remains unclear. Prior to the shooting, Tha Eastsidaz member had a public falling out with mentor Snoop Dogg.Tray Deee claimed Snoop had conspired to cheat the group out of millions of dollars and the two had several altercations prior to the shooting.Trey Deee is currently being held in lieu of bail exceeding $700,000.