Trayvon Martin Day Cancelled At High School Due To Parents' Outrage

AllHipHop Staff

Parents Help To Stop Day Dedicated To Trayvon Martin At Pittsburgh High School

(AllHipHop News) Parents of students at Pittsburgh's Carrick High School were outraged when a day was planned to honor the memory of Trayvon Martin yesterday (October 9th).

As apart of the school's Homecoming week, the school and homecoming committee voted and approved of the day which would encourage students to wear hoodies. Some parents, such as Jennifer Kagle who is afraid of the backlash of wearing the hoodie from students who feel adverse to celebrating Trayvon Martin's life. "I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react," she told CBS Pittsburgh.

Due to the complaints from parents and even school advisors at Carrick High School, the school changed the day's theme from hoodies and celebrating Trayvon Martin to Bucco Hat Day. "So we just used Bucco Day to put everybody together, put everybody as a whole," said Homecoming Committee member Javon Jordan