Treach Takes It All Off

Naughty By Nature‘s Treach will star in "Love And A Bullet," where he will be the first rapper turned actor to show full frontal nudity in a movie.

Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamal beat Treach in the game of showing off the nether regions, when he appeared with nothing on HBO’s popular prison drama, OZ. In "Love And A Bullet," Treach stars as a hit man assigned to kill his boss’ wife.

Treach is also entering into the world of adult entertainment, starring in "Treach’s Naturally Naughty Porno Movie." In this hardcore adult film, Treach is featured in a threesome with Obssesion and Chocolate. The movie also stars Suave’XXX, who also produced the flick, Egypt, Blackcat, Franke Lahrue and Dominiko.

Naughty’s less visible front man Vinnie is also staying busy. He is working with the East Orange School District to create a multimedia/communications program. The program will teach young people to work with technology to create various T.V. programs. Naughty By Nature’s released their 5th LP, iicons last week & posted strong sales. Their single, "Feels Good" with 3LW has been the number 1 rap single for over 4 weeks.