Trial Of Lost Boyz Member Gets Underway

Jury selection began today (February 27th) in

Queens New York for the trial of Lost Boyz

extended family member Corey Bussey. Bussey is accused of shooting and killing

Rodrick Padgett in retaliation for the murder of Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah.

Tah was shot and killed on March 28th, 1999. Sources have said that Tah was

murdered after Hell Razor Pham member Michael Saunders was killed by a Lost

Boyz member.

Three days after Freaky Tah was gunned down in

Jamaica Queens, Padgett was shot to death on a busy Ozone Park street. According

to court documents an eyewitness saw Bussey and another man chasing and shooting

at Padgett. Lawyers claim that Bussey, 25 was at a party when Padgett was shot

and that they have at least two people to testify as alibi witnesses.