Tribute To Women In Hip-Hop


1st annual Tribute to Women in hip-hop will celebrates

the achievements and influences of female artists in hip-hop.

The event, which takes place on December 6th, 2000 will consists

of guest speakers and a panel discussion between music industry

professionals on issues dealing with women in hip-hop. Panelists

will discuss issues dealing with female artists ranging from sexism

in hip-hop, content of lyrics, and their influence on listeners.

Additionally, the panel discussion

will be followed by a video presentation and live performances

from emerging female artists. The event will serve as a fundraiser

for Hudson Cradle, a shelter for abandoned infants, located in

Jersey City, NJ.

The Music Business Association

(MBA) is a nonprofit organization, based in New Jersey City University

founded by Roy “Messiah” Rivera. The MBA serves as an

outlet to educate individuals in music business and create networks

for music industry professionals. Thus, the events help raise

funds for community programs and charity organizations. For more

information, email:

Event Participants


Jorge “ Big Mouf” Navaro (

DJ Mecca

Bea Montgomery ( Connections)

Soulstice (emerging female MC)





Black Miss (Tributary Records)

Khaos w/ Lyrikal Sykness

Paula Perry

Wicked Child


Lady Champagne

Amani Jennings