Trick Daddy Appearance Draws Complaints

Trick Daddy's appearance at an annual party held by the city of Miami for underprivileged children drew criticism because of the rapper's checkered past.The children were invited to the party by the Mayor of the city, Manny Diaz, who wanted to make up for an event that never happened, when a promoter took off with a group of children's field trip money."Well, we, I suppose, we have a lot of people in this community who in the past have gotten in trouble with the law and now they want to give something back," Diaz told Miami's Channel 10 News.Trick Daddy is waiting to go on trial for drug possession after he was arrested in late September at a high school football game and charged with cocaine and marijuana possession.In February, the rapper was arrested after allegedly pulling a gun during a game of basketball.Trick said that despite his past, he was dedicated to the children."It's for the underprivileged kids you know, and I was once an underprivileged child, you know ... So, Trick love the kids," Trick Daddy added.Police are still searching for David Ellisor, the man who originally scammed the children.