Trick Daddy Cleans House At Dunk Ryder; Preps 'www.thug.com2'

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Trick Daddy is focusing on the release of his upcoming autobiography, which will be released this Fall, the rapper revealed to The book, tentatively titled Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, is the story of Trick Daddy's colorful life in Miami, where he was raised in Liberty City, along with 19 brothers and sisters. The book focuses on his upbringing, his wild days on the streets hustling, his time spent incarcerated, his rise to fame as a rapper and his fight with the disease Lupus. Trick Daddy told that he was recording his new album www.thug.com2, which will be released on his Dunk Ryder Record label. The rapper, born Maurice Young, said that he recently "cleaned house" at the label due to some unscrupulous business practices that were taking place behind his back. “Due to bad business practices in my name and Dunk Ryder Records I had to clean house," Trick Daddy revealed to "To anybody that had to deal with any part of that, I want you to know that I was not informed about what was going on but when I found out I handled it. So I do as I always do, stay on the grind and leave the BS behind me.”At press time, Trick Daddy's book Magic City: Trials of a Native Son is due in stores in November, while www.thug.com2 has no release date.