Trick Daddy Inks Book Deal With MTV For 'Magic City'

AllHipHop Staff

Miami rap star Trick Daddy has signed a deal with MTV/Pocket Books to release his autobiography, officially titled Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son.

The new book will be penned with the help of award-winning journalist Peter Bailey, a former staff writer at The Miami Herald.

Magic City, which was acquired from Ayesha Pande at Collins Literary Agency, will focus on Trick’s rise from obscurity, as one of 27 children born into poverty in Miami’s infamous Liberty Square Housing Development.

The book details Trick Daddy’s story as a boy born to a father who was a pimp, as well as his drug-dealing brother who was eventually murdered.

Magic City explains Trick's life on the streets of Miami before he discovered Hip-Hop and how he went on to achieve international fame as a rapper.

In a previous interview, Trick Daddy revealed details about the book to

“I seen the movie Cocaine Cowboys and all that,” Trick Daddy told “That aint show who broke that s**t down and cooked that s**t up and who got addicted to that s**t. They forgot about that. When they do CSI Miami, they should fly over the [whole] city and show them the difference. A lot of [A&E’s] The First 48 is filmed right here in Overtown where a lot of bodies lay at because there’s nothing else for the people to do. And walking distance from that, [Donald] Trump is building a multi-million dollar building. And that two miles from that, there’s an island that Oprah [Winfrey] owns a house on that you can’t even drive to, they put they s**t on a ferry boat and go home. Since the year 1985, $5 billion dollars in cash went through our banks, the n***as aint get it. They aint even wanna give us all our food stamps!”

The book’s co-author, Peter Bailey, 28, is known for his award-winning profile stories on unsung heroes for The Miami Herald.

Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son is due in stores later this year.