Trick Daddy Tapes Cooking Show Pilot For MTV

Platinum selling

rapper Trick Daddy recently finished taping a cooking show pilot for MTV.

And while the Miami

native welcomed the invitation to participate in the show, he said he wasn’t

about to slave over a hot stove without a full season’s commitment from


“They wanted

me to cook all my dishes,” Trick Daddy told “I’m

like, How am I gonna cook all my dishes? Then if I have a show I’ma run

out of sh*t to do.”

So Trick, who previously

displayed his cooking skills during an episode of MTV Cribs, will limit his

initial culinary output to a couple of specialties.


cook you two dishes and then you lay ‘round for next time up,” he

said. “So if they like it, we gonna go from there.”

If the show is

picked up, the rapper said he would invite his peers to participate with him

on the program.


probably have a lot of rap cats come on up,” said Trick. “You know

a lot of n*ggas think they know how to cook. I’ma show you how n*ggas

f*ck up and burn eggs. And have the shells in them.”

Although Trick

specializes in an array of entrees, one item viewers won’t see him prepare

is “chitlins.”

The Southern rapper

is adamantly opposed to cooking chitterlings as they are otherwise known. And

it has nothing to do with the contents, but rather the smell.

“I cook anything

but chitlins,” he said. “Because chitlins smell like a dirty ass.”