Trigga TRIG Video - "Voodoo"

AllHipHop Staff

Check out the new video "Voodoo" Trigga TRIG had just released an album, American Me.

Rap artist Trigga TRIG has had an intriguing and controversial year so it should come as no surprise that he would follow up with an equally intriguing and controversial video. 

On Sept. 6th, 2017, TRIG was arrested in a racially charged incident that left a Caucasian man injured.

He and a witness maintain that person hurled a tree branch at their passing car which led to a physical altercation, ultimately resulting in the unknown man lying unconscious and TRIG in jail in Cecil County, MD.

At that time, Trigga TRIG had just released an album, American Me. 

After initially being denied bail, he was released three weeks later.  When Trig hit the streets, he stayed on course and jumped into video production for the first single "Voodoo."  

"Voodoo" in no way, depicts those real life, unforeseen current events, and legal issues.

Lyrically, it draws clever analogies between "Voodoo" and his love for his money, his woman, and the streets; visually it is a daring departure and artistic journey that touches on elements of "Voodoo" while remaining street and Hip-Hop.

At times the elements intertwine; at other times they interchange. TRIG plays three personas, a mysterious "Voodoo" deity and a sort of Hip Hop demi-God in plain clothes who in one moment seems like a humble, chill dude dappin’ up his boys and in the next moment literally has light emanating from under his feet (hat nod to MJ).

Director: L. Burner DP: Chainz Gully/Third World Studios.