Trillville Vs Lil’ Scrappy Surfaces

On the heels of several recent tales of the beef-gone-bad, another Hip-Hop secret war has bubbled to the surface with Lil’ Scrappy and Don-P of Trillville, who are both signed to Lil’ Jon’s BME label.

Last year, the two men shared success as their joint effort, King of Crunk and BME Recordings Present: Lil’ Scrappy and Trillville, proved that they had star quality that made them attractive to the masses. However, Lil’ Scrappy reportedly released a mixtape called Full Metal Jacket where he took sharp jabs at Trillville, in particular Don P. These charges included charges of homosexuality to pedophilia.

Refuting the allegations, Don P told, “At first I wasn’t gonna do it. Scrappy came out with a mixtape, and everybody was telling me about it. I just looked up one day and this n***a got a mixtape talking about all kinds of crazy s**t. Talking about I got extensions in my hair, just a bunch of lies and s**t, bunch of fantasy s**t. So I say, well if he wanna come at me on some fantasy s**t, then I’ma show the world some real s**t.”

Now, Don P has retaliated with own mixtape, Target Practice, which is in collaboration with DJ Scream and Hoodrich Entertainment. Don P said that a piece in XXL magazine was particularly irritating to him and his crew, because Scrappy seemingly disassociated himself with Trillville even though they had a huge hit together with, “Neva Eva.” And upon asking about tension, Don P said his counterpart denied that he was disrespecting them.

Nevertheless, Don P claimed that he’s made failed efforts to quell the beef, including talking to people close to Scrappy.

“We done had a meeting about the s**t, just us and the family. He still keep putting it out in the media. So I say, if you wanna be Flip, then I’ll be T.I. If you wanna be muthaf***n’ Ja Rule, then I’ll be Fifty and I’m just gonna crush yo s**t, n***a,” he said. “Because he’s trying to destroy my reputation, which is impossible in “the A.” But then when s**t start leaking out to people that might not know my history, who might just know me from this music s**t, then I gotta step up and crush his career.”

Don P said the time for peace has expired even though other rappers like Gucci Mane have found themselves in precarious situations.

“[Scrappy] can try to come back, but it’s over. Don’t nobody wanna hear [him , because] he talked so much,” the Trillville member said. “This the first time people actually hearing me speak out. We tired of hearing him talking s**t, we tired of him getting beat up, everybody’s sick of him. Especially in Atlanta.”

Previously, Lil’ Scrappy declined to comment on this matter and was unavailable at presstime.

Target Practice can be found at