Trina Addresses Business Partner Allegedly Stealing Money For Her Album

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The reality show star was working on her comeback LP while her mother was battling breast cancer.

(AllHipHop News) Last summer, Trina found her name in blog headlines when members of her camp blasted Nicki Minaj for not filming a music video for their collaboration “BAPS." Trina later came out to defend Nicki, but she also admitted that she was dealing with "a business situation that's gone terribly bad."

The public has now gotten more information about the monetary problems surrounding her independent album, The One, which came out in June 2019. On the Love & Hip Hop: Miami season three premiere, Trina spoke about what supposedly went down with her business partner over the LP.

"After four years, we finished the album, finally. Then, my business partner, Julian [Boothe], was given a $300,000 advance and he used it for his label which was supposed to be for me," said Trina on the reality show. "Now, all of a sudden I'm getting cease and desist letters from producers that were never paid and my whole album was taken down off the internet."

The self-described Da Baddest B*tch also accused Boothe of trying to take advantage of her while she was concerned with her mother's declining health. Vernessa "Nessa" Taylor, 62, passed away in September. Trina added, "Physically I was there, mentally I wasn't there. So I wasn't double-checking everything that Julian was doing."

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