Trina Denies Kobe Bryant Rumors

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Trina’s camp is vehemently refuting rumors of any romantic involvement with LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

In a written statement released to Friday (May 22), Trina’s publicist called out popular urban gossip site for two items published about her client this week that insinuate the Miami rapper was previously romantically involved with Bryant.

On Thursday (May 21), the website reported an alleged fight broke out between Trina, who has been dating Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin, and Bryant’s wife Vanessa at the first game of the Western Conference Final between their men’s teams.

While there was no physical altercation, the site’s sources allege that the two women engaged in a heated war of words.

Today, sited lyrics from one of Trina’s songs as the cause of the confrontation.

In the song “Heated,” released in 2004, Trina rapped “I was the first b***h Kobe cheated on his wife with.”

“Trina does not know NBA player Kobe Bryant in neither a personal or business manner,” her publicist Krystle Coleman told "Please note, the 2004 Trina song entitled 'Heated' was for 'entertainment purposes' ONLY! As [with] other rapper/raptresses in today’s society, Trina’s rap lyrics are a result of entertainment and a fabricated 'image' and not real life experiences or [subject] matters.

“Trina is a creative artist and has always used the names of high profile celebs in her songs such as Shaq, D Wade, as well as Kobe,” Coleman added. “It’s entertainment and music, not personal. Any basketball or NBA sports event Trina is seen at, she is there in full support of her boyfriend and for no other reason; especially [not] to engage in fights, arguments or any other vulgar behavior.”

This is not the first time Trina has been drawn into her boyfriend’s professional rivalries this season.

On May 11, during game 5 of the Nuggets’ Conference Semi-Finals series against the Dallas Mavericks, Trina was the target of obscenities from an agitated Dallas home crowd which had gone so far as to pour beer on Martin’s mother.

The Lakers and Nuggets are currently tied at one game a piece in their quest for the Western Conference Championship.

Game three of the series will be played at 6:30pm on Saturday (May 23) in Denver.