Trina Dropping 'Live and Uncut' DVD

Trina is preparing

to release a new DVD titled Trina Live and Uncut, a new concert and DVD

that features behind the scenes footage of the Miami, Florida rapper.

Included on the

DVD is a one hour behind the scenes documentary titled Sex, Money and Jewels,

which features Trina shooting videos, recording at the studio and delighting

fans by giving lap dances on stage.

"I'm a chick

in the game who is working, and people respect that," Trina said. "Yes,

it has a lot to do with the whole sex appeal, but it's a mixture of that image

and me as a person. It's my whole strong attitude."

The DVD is being

released by 845 Entertainment and is being distributed by SMC Recordings/Fontana,

a distribution arm of Universal music.

"Doing a Trina

DVD was a no brainer everyone knows that Trina is both a sexy and dynamic figure

in the Hip Hop world," 845 co-CEO Jarred Weisfeld said. "Guys want

to date her and girls want to be her. She has mass appeal and this is definitely

groundbreaking material. Sex sells."

Trina Live

and Uncut hits stores later this year.