Trina Launches Clothing Line, Talks Movies

Trina will launch a new clothing line, Diamond

Princess Wear. Launching in the fall, the clothing line will have a variety

of styles, from casual wear to "glammed up night attire." "$1,000

for a shirt - everybody can't afford that," Trina told "It's

going to be popular because everybody can rock it. Whether you are going on

a dinner date, in a club, its versatile."

Trina said that she designed most of the clothing,

but also had input on clothes from other New York based designers. "It's

fire, it's blazing to me. I made it very spicy," she said.

While her latest album Diamond Princess

hits stores August 27th, Trina said that she is setting her sights beyond rapping.

"I get like various movie offers," she revealed. "I take time

to look it over. I want to make sure the movie I land and I start filming is

something that's not stereotypical."

Trina aspires to have her acting endeavors taken

as serious as her music career. She seemed to agree with Samuel L. Jackson,

who doesn't believe rappers should be given prominent roles because of their

celebrity status. "I don't want somebody to give me a movie because 'she

is the celebrity/ hip-hop rap chick,'" she said matter of emphatically.

"If I can do a movie with Ice Cube, I can

do a movie for Tom Cruise. I want to be able to do both."