Trina Launching Fragrance, Sitcom

Along with a new album

dropping this summer, Miami rapper Trina is also set to launch her new fragrance,

Diamond Princess by Trina, and

is starring in a new sitcom.

Trina's scent is described as floral and feminine, and the box

bears an encrusted logo and lavender packaging, according to Trina's Atlantic

Records representative.

"It's always been a dream of mine to have my own fragrance.

I wanted something that is really sexy and attractive, but it's not just for

men to go crazy over," said Trina in a statement.

"It has to smell great to me, too. Diamond Princess really

captures who I am and who I want to be. It definitely leaves an impression."

Diamond Princess By Trina also features body lotion and shower

gel and will be sold by retailers and specialty stores in the United States

and abroad. Prices start at $49 for a 1.7 oz. Eau de toilet spray.

The fragrance line was created by the Miami-based Beauty &

Fashion Creation, Inc., which licenses and distributes fragrances. More information

is available at

Along the lines of rapper-turned-actress Eve, Trina will play

the lead character in the new sitcom, "With Friends Like These." The

raunchy rapper plays Cleo Taylor, an owner of a Miami beauty salon.

Trina co-produced and co-created the series, which also stars

music video model Ki-Toy Johnson of Outkast's "I Like the Way You Move"

and Luz Whitney ("Bamboozled").

Trina's latest

album Glamorous Life is due out this summer.