Trina Plans To Address Controversy Over Nicki Minaj Not Filming "BAPS" Video

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

'The One' album creator is ready to respond to her A&R's viral grievance.

(AllHipHop News) While most of the attention from the latest episode of Queen Radio centered around Nicki Minaj's clash with Joe Budden, the show also covered the controversy involving Trina's "BAPS" single. An A&R associated with Trina called out Nicki on Instagram.

"I want to address the issue so bad about this #BAPS record and VIDEO and it’s taking everything inside of me to remain quiet,” wrote Reginald Saunders in the caption of a now-deleted IG post. “This isn’t the first time @nickiminaj has pulled this stunt and trust me it’s cool. I can’t get over how fake people can be for a Lil fame, likes and followers."

He added, "When everyone tried to warn me I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. I can’t wait to see how all of this is about to play out because you can’t stop [karma's] reign, shame on you... I mostly feel sorry for the #barbs because they have no clue of the deceiver and manipulator their leader is.”

Nicki addressed Saunders' complaint on Queen Radio. She said, "Trina’s camp is saying I didn’t do enough to push the ‘BAPS’ video... Like, what the f*ck!?" The New York emcee/media personality later implied Trina did not have a budget to film the "BAPS" visual or to promote the song on radio.

The self-described Da Baddest B*tch had mostly remained silent about the matter. However, Trina finally hopped on her own Instagram page to make an announcement.

"First of all, everybody that knows me knows anything I gotta say, I will say it and address it. I don't need anybody to speak for me. Second of all, everything that I have to say, I will address it tomorrow. So catch me live and I will say it one time and one time only. I will not repeat myself," said Trina around midnight on Wednesday morning.

Some observers believe Trina posted a sub-tweet directed at Nicki on August 10, one day after Megan The Stallion released "Hot Girl Summer" featuring Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. The cryptic message read, "The love be so fake and the hate be so real."