Trina Single Finds Its Way To Radio

Copies of Trina's "Leaving You" formerly

known as "Big Ol' D*ck" has been leaked to radio, despite it not being

approved by her label, Atlantic.

"We just have to run with it at this point,"

Trina told "People want to hear it, so we are going to get

it out there while there is a demand."

Trina compared the song to Biggie's "Dreams

of F*cking An R&B Chick," and said that she didn't sleep with any of

the rapper's that are named in the song.

"I didn't sleep with them, so I don't know

how big your thing is," Trina continued. "I gave them props because

I felt they were pioneers in some way in the rap game. "They should be

smiling big right now, it's bigging them up."

Trina said that none of her real life tryst's

would ever end up on a song. "A lady never kisses and tells. The music

industry has to have some humor."

The song is taken from Trina's upcoming album,

The Glamorest Life.