Triple C’s Attack KRS-One, New Boyz

AllHipHop Staff

Rick Ross affiliates Triple C’s have taken aim at legend KRS-One and the New Boyz in response to what they deem are hypocritical critiques of their style of Hip-Hop.

In a recent interview for, the 3 man group resurrected the 3 year old debate Nas coined with his 2006 Hip-Hop Is Dead LP, and launched criticism at KRS-One in spite of the Bronx veteran dropping an album in early 2007 entitled Hip-Hop Lives.

For them, Hip-Hop’s health is based on the fact there is still money being made, and not the stance of some fans and critics that the genre has seen a downward spiral due to the lack of creativity from certain artists.

“You notice it’s the people that always say ‘Hip-Hop is dead,’ they ain’t got no money,” argued Torch. “And to top it all off, it’s like Hip-Hop is dead but when they had their run, the same people that say these things, they be in pictures with AK’s, they forgot all that now. You need to do your track record, do your homework and the record that people are pointing their fingers, you gotta realize, every time you point your finger, the other four are pointing right back at you. You gotta understand what’s going on. So at the end of the day, I ain’t with the finger pointing and the other four pointing back at you, but at the end of the day, music is music. You stay in your genre of music whether its backpack, dancing, and let us stay in ours. We make real music.”

To accentuate Torch’s point, rapper Gunplay dismissively shouted out Boogie Down Productions’ landmark debut Criminal Minded while a picture of BDP’s politically charged and Malcolm X-inspired cover for By All Means Necessary flashed on screen.

Triple C’s then turned their attention to teen group the New Boyz, implying the duo were gay due to their choice of clothing.

“We don’t knock nobody’s hustle because we don’t want anyone to knock ours, because we might knock your head off,” stated Breed. “If your jeans tighter than my bitch’s, hey, we’re not knocking your alternative lifestyle. It’s on you if you want to wear sparkling beat chains. But don’t [criticize] when we talk about our sticks, bricks, when we’re doing our thing because we’re going to feed the streets regardless. We talk about what we know.”

Triple C’s debut album Custom Cars & Cycles was released on October 27.